Friday, August 20, 2010

Vaping and Satisfaction

(Originally written April 20th 2010)

Well I thought naively that I might be able to vape myself towards being nicotine free. Having said that I am also a realist, and I might as well face the fact that I may go through the rest of my life with a metal tube in my mouth (PV). Notwithstanding, my goal is indeed to rid myself of my addiction.

In the beginning I did not chose vaping as an alternate "safer" lifestyle. No, I took up vaping as a means to an end, as a smoking cessation device. As many, I have tried many times in the past without success. My wife has resigned herself to the fact that I will never quit smoking, but is happy that I am vaping. She has noticed the health benefits etc... In order not to set myself up for failure, I never chose a target date or D day for being nicotine free, I believed in baby steps. Over the course of time I planned on reducing my nicotine intake to none, eventually quit vaping while maintaining a device handy should I fall off the wagon.

Well I have tried to reduce from 20-24mg down to 18mg on several occasions without success. I am not taking these failures as failures, just premature attempts. I will try again at later date. Over the WE I had mixed up several 18mg juices for my evening vapes. Nope, not doing it for me, mind you I had just finished a rather tiresome bout with my demons. Maybe next time.

My wife has noticed although I think I am vaping more, she says I am vaping less than I smoked. Well who would know better than your significant other eh? Which brings me to the following discussion.

Understanding our addiction is the road to recovery. Is it? I am retired which affords me a lot of time for research/reading into/on the subject. Many have stated that they know they will be vaping for years to come, that they can't help themselves etc... Well in the beginning I thought it was because of the age group etc... Does it go deeper than that? Oh yes it does, much, much deeper and all the way to BT and their accomplices.

Nicotine addiction in itself, ask any doctor and they will categorically state that "nicotine is flushed out of your system in 10-14 days, 10 being the norm", now you are left with the psychological effects of your addiction, or like I like to call 'em, our demons. What causes those demons?

Well we do know the affects of MAO inhibitors and ammonia found in analogs, what were the remaining 3998+ chemicals doing. I have said it for years that it was easier to quit back then than it is now. Open minded people who have tried in the past, but eventually were successful will readily admit it. The close minded really vocal former smokers, will state otherwise.

Through reading and discussion, why hasn't BT really jumped on the band wagon wrt vaping? Is it because they would rather remain anonymous, and just maintain a low profile while lobbying against vaping with the FDA, HC, WHO and our respective governments. Or is there more hiding under the surface?

We know that MAO inhibitors (an implanted time bomb) has lasting effects of anywhere from 8-10 weeks. What else was included in the chemical cocktail we smoked, that we do not know about, or their effects on the system, besides causing cancer.

They included ammonia to increase the absorption rate of nicotine into the bloodstream. They added Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors so we self medicated with nicotine etc... what are the lasting effects of the other 3998+ chemicals?

Many have stated the only way they can remain free from analogs is to vape. That the day they quit vaping they will return to smoking. They know this. In the beginning I thought that they were folks who just plain didn't want to quit. It goes deeper than that in some. They just can't plain quit. There is something in their bodies that refuses to let go, even after a couple of years etc... Psychological triggers or chemical time bombs embedded deep into our neuro system? A good question indeed.

So folks have been upping there mg over the rough spots, and decreasing their nicotine intake during low periods etc... Just like a yoyo. I believe that BT is having a blast watching this circus show, because they know we are only steps away from increasing their coffers again. In the meantime playing the good guy part, they are coming out with alternate smokeless tobacco products showing the world that they are part of HARM reduction, are they? What is in their product now?

I plan to wean myself off nicotine, but I also have resigned myself to the fact that I may always have a PV stuck to my face, and not because I enjoy it.


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