Friday, August 20, 2010

The moon and vaping

(originally written April 20th 2010)

Well I had quite the episode.

As stated in another thread, I just came off a favourite Rolling Stones tune. It was a rough ride. Mum used to say as many other folks as well. What's the matter did you get up on the wrong side of the bed? Well the answer is yes.

Have you ever gotten out of bed and feel like you want to just strangle someone or break something? I'm not talking about after having an altercation with someone or whatever, I am talking right out of bed? BTW I am not the only one out there, there are many like me. I have no scientific evidence of this but, I have anecdotal evidence.

We know that the moon affects the tides and animal behaviour. It plays a larger role than some folks think. Just ask any cop wrt the full moon. I am sure everyone has heard of that one. Anyway, I am not into horoscopes or whatever but do lend credence to astrology. Hey them hippies of the 60s had it right "What's you sign?"

Water signs are affected by the moon patterns. I am a Cancer and I definitely now this. I stumbled across this by pure accident. I was always a moody person, but never really understood why. This as previously mentioned was straight out of bed. I was once again single from a former relationship in 2003. During this time frame I started to jot down when these episodes would happen, trying to better understand my mood swings. BTW mood swings had nothing to do with being single again. I'm the one who ended that relationship. But being single allowed me to reflect without any outside interference so to speak. In other words I did not have a spouse or children to get on my nerves.

So this went on a for a period of 6-8 months. I wasn't paying attention to anything (moon calendar). I was merely collecting data. Well low and behold sure enough my episodes would follow the new and full moon pattern. The new moon giving me my greatest anxieties or whatever (the new moon was discovered only much later). So after having found this little marvel, I started to check the calendar and yup, there it was. This is also when the effects of the new moon which are much stronger on me were discovered. The really bad moon as I call it, is the first new moon of the quarter, and guess what last Wednesday was.

I pretty much ignore the calendar so I don't affect my rationale. But will check it out after a bout, and 98% of the time, I just went through a moon phase. BTW I only checked the calendar yesterday wrt my latest bout.

As I said elsewhere, as of Saturday, nothing I vaped to include but not limited to tobacco flavours, an increase in mg (although that gave me a good headache) to my beloved RY5, would sooth me. But I fought the demons and Switched won. This is my first battle as a smoke free individual with the new moon of the quarter. My next gladiator match with the sucker will be sometime in July. This time I will be better prepared for him.

I thought I would share this with folks who perhaps know what I am talking about. I know it not only affects Cancerians but all water signs. This became apparent through discussion with other water signs over the years.

Here's one for you. My wife is an Aries. Our two signs are diametrically opposed, and shouldn't get along. Why do we? Well there is an explanation for that as well, but that's for another day. During our courtship she probably thought I was the biggest Bull Shitter out there, when I discovered her X was a Cancerian too. Her X and I, are total opposites from each other, "and yeah coming to think of it (wifey) he had those mood swings too". All this transpired through some deep discussion at the beginning of our relationship as she asked how I could know so much about her, without knowing her. Her likes dislikes, favourite colour, etc... I told her she was my lab experiment (no she was not upset over the statement, on the contrary she was quite amused). I did my research and all this stuff was indeed found in astrology, to include but not limited to why an Aries and Cancer can get along. BTW the combination is a rarity, but when they do gel, an unbreakable bond. Read up on it!

In closing I am reminded of another tune, this one by CCR "Bad Moon Arising". I would like to hear from "water members" if they have had similar experiences, and if so, now you have your answer.

My wife provided me with the following link and to be honest I have to admit there is merit in the writings. She also confirms that the findings are pretty accurate. I have not been privy to the information contained in said link for long (3 days). However going through the info provided, I must reluctantly admit several traits were evident.

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