Monday, March 01, 2010

The Big 3

The big three - who are these people?

The Big 3 are comprised of:
  • Government
  • Big Tobacco
  • Big Pharmacy
These three organization are in bed together and if anyone thinks they are looking after our best interests, they need to revisit their position/stance.

If smoking is so terrible to one's health, not to mention that the mere inhalation of second hand smoke from an innocent by-standard, then why is it still legal? Furthermore, why is it supported by these individuals, if it is so bad for the health of everyone at large?

the all mighty greenback

Did you know:
  • that Phillip Morris had reported profits of 4.5 billion in 2005;
  • that 1/3 of the current adult world population smoke;
  • that although industrial nations have seen smokers diminish, developing countries have seen a rise in the consumption of cigarettes; or
  • that 300 million adults smoke in China, which represents the entire population of the US?
Bet you didn't!

Follow the money...

Our collective governments would have you believe that we are the enemy, that we are causing the problem with our insistence to continue smoking. The sad truth to it all, we are only a weapon created from the hands of the Big 3, via a chemically induced cocktail.

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