Monday, March 01, 2010

Chosing an alternate lifestyle

Hi, my name is Rick and I am a smoker,

and have been for 40 plus years.

Smoking is bad for you! Yet we all started somehow - somewhere. Once upon a time it was a socially accepted practice, as a matter of fact it was campaigned and colourfully advertised. Now "smokers" are ostracized and shun like lepers. I believe that the production of second hand smoke is as harmful to my neighbour as it is to me. Yet, cigarettes are more addictive today then they ever were and, will be even more in the future. Just ask any smoker!

In the beginning a certain pleasure could and was derived from smoking. I know in my case, it was the pleasure derived from tasting the "tobacco", long before any concerns with regards to it's addictiveness. As smoker awareness increased, many of us have tried to give up the unhealthy habit. Many doctors state that smoking is more addictive than heroin in their experience, yet smoking is a legal activity, whilst heroin is drug use. I have tried to quit in the past with marginal success and limited results.

It was relatively easy to give up smoking in the beginning. Now, from a non-smokers perspective one might say "why didn't you quit?". Well it is not as simple as it may sound or you might think. There are two addictions that need to be treated: the physiological and psychological addiction. After 10 days give or take, the body has been cleansed of all nicotine, that is the easy part. Now the hard part - the psychological part of the addiction, and the one that remains with you for the rest of your life.

Having tried on many occasions, I failed! Was I weak? Perhaps! or does it run deeper than that?

Nicotine in itself is not as addictive as we are lead to believe. I said in the beginning is was relatively easy to quit, and I should have quit years ago. Nicotine itself in the blood stream is not cumulative, never was and never will be. I use to smoke out of pleasure, now I smoked out of habit. Yes you read it right "smoked". I have been smoke free going on 6.5 days now, and do not feel the urge to smoke. Mind you I have avoided the physiological withdrawal symptoms with nicotine, but in a much healthier way. Before we go any further, please watch!


Now you know why I called it "a chemically induced cocktail". There are over 4, 000 - yes that is thousands, chemicals in cigarettes. Can any one please tell me what role formaldehyde plays in cigarettes?

During the video they explained that the addition of ammonia into the "mother liquid" increase the absorption rate of nicotine into the bloodstream. They never really discussed the other 3998 chemicals, have they? Well it's because they don't want anyone to really know, what is going on. They are not just manipulating the absorption rate of nicotine, but also playing with electro-transmissions in the brain and other parts of the body, etc... These chemically induced "short circuits" for the lack of a better word, results in the deep seeded need for these chemical replacements not only psychologically, but physiologically as well. Remember, once rid of nicotine, about 10 days give or take, the body no longer "craves or needs it". It is the rest of God knows what that produces the cravings, hence, why it was easier to quit long ago, vice now.

Some may argue that it is because we have "smoked" for so long that it takes longer to quit. Nope! But unlike nicotine which is a mild addictive chemical in comparison, the others more so and cumulative at that.

Vaping or e smoking, or electronic cigarette smoking is an alternate safer way to overcome nicotine addiction. It is not to be interpreted as a "smoking cessation" device, but rather a safe nicotine delivery system. Some have indeed ceased smoking altogether using this method, others - merely as a means to fulfill their nicotine addiction with a safer alternative.

A new day, a new way!

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