Monday, March 01, 2010

What is vaping?

If smoking is the act of producing smoke than, vaping can be defined as generating vapour. But really...

Although that is the overall definition, vaping is a "chosen" lifestyle and, a much safer method of acquiring nicotine. The use of PVs or (personal vaporizers) can also be called a nicotine delivery instrument.

Although the burning of tobacco creates smoke, and harmful carbon monoxide, vaping produces water vapor. To some it might appear as smoke, but it is an odourless harmless vapor, which dissipates within seconds and with no lingering smell, unlike cigarettes.

Cigarettes when they burn not only generate smoke but the burning process of cigarettes volatilize many of the various chemical compounds contained in present day tobacco, to include but not limited to formaldehyde, ammonia and even cyanide, yup that's right cyanide. We all know what cyanide does? and... a cigarette contains another 3997 more. So what produces the vapor in an electronic cigarette or personal vaporizers? Water mixed with Propylene Glycol and flavouring.

Isn't Propylene Glycol anti-freeze? Industrial Glycol is, but check out your food labels for this stuff. It is widely used in the food industry as a food additive. It is also the base of food flavouring along with vegetable glycerin, another base component of vaping.

The stage smoke that we see, and although it has a sweet smell and totally harmless to us, is the vaporizing of vegetable glycerin. Propylene Glycol has anti-bacterial properties as well, but that is the type of information that is presently being diluted and clouded over with innuendo by the Big 3.

The World Health Organization has cautioned the world with regards to the dangers of vaporising nicotine. Uuuum, haven't we been vaporizing nicotine for years while smoking? I'm not sure which one is more harmful to our health.

Many countries have jumped on the band wagon and have banned the importation and sales of electronic cigarettes, or vaporizing devices. In Canada, the importation and sale of personal vaporizers is legal. The importation and sales of any liquid containing nicotine is not. Why?

Because nicotine is a controlled substance and in it's purest form, unrestricted use of nicotine can kill you. What is nicotine? Nicotine is a natural growing insecticide found in plants and not limited to tobacco.

In closing, can someone explain to me how can Big Pharma apply for a "vaccine" patent the year preceding the actual outbreak of the H1N1 virus? and who was leading the band again, oh yeah the WHO. Interesting...

Do you know what you are smoking? I know what I am vaping...

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