Friday, December 02, 2011


As some might have noticed "VapeCentral" now "a new day a new way!" was created as a link from Bonsai Wonders.

Bonsai Wonders was created to share information and passion with fellow enthusiast, away from the daily grind at bullshit we see on the various fora. Bonsai Wonders was/is an organized venue where progress could be readily seen, charting infants from humble beginnings into something that can  eventually be called bonsai (pronounce bone sey). Bonsai is an extremely fascinating hobby and not unlike e-cigs can be taken to extremes. As in all the various fora yahoos abound, where many have forgotten the purity and passion of the art and what it means/meant to Asian culture, unlike what the Western World has taken it to.

Of course the Western World is a generalization and extremely stereotypical. However, it is my opinion that it needs to be said. Many apprentices who have apprenticed under some of the great names in Asia and Japan, will never forget the roots of bonsai, nor their fundamentals. These former students always bring a refreshing idea to the table, not shadowed in the clutter of commercialized/westernized bonsai. When one becomes one with the tree and listens, the tree will communicate how it wants to grow up. The artist merely giving the tree its sole.

You will also noticed that the last entry at Bonsai Wonders was the 10th of January 2010, when I embarked on a mission to rid myself of a nicotine addiction. It was a relatively easy battle due in large part to electronic cigarettes, but it was a hard fought battle nonetheless. My focus was on winning at all cost, which I have succeeded. Unfortunately these costs came with a price, from who I am and where I want/need to be as a smoke free individual.

I never chose vaping as an alternate means, but as a tool to help me free myself from the clutches of tobacco and nicotine. During my journey I sought support wherever I found it, in the mean time supporting others overcome their addictions as well. In my opinion the focus should reside in overcoming our own personal addictions rather than convert the world and save lives. The latter is the biggest bunch of egotistical bullshit and hypocrisy I have ever seen.

Amidst the chaos in my daily life, where can I rediscover serenity to lighten the path ahead?  I sat yesterday with Lazy for a couple of hours and rediscovered its beauty, created by my own hands in a time and place where  I was content and at peace with myself.

The poor quality of the photograph (hastily taken yesterday) does not even begin to express the majesty of this tree and its future. Below Lazy circa May 2005.

It's journey can be viewed Here

Lazy circa 30 Nov 2012.

In closing, I have much work to do still within the vaping community who have assisted me amongst others in becoming free from the evil clutches of tobacco. I have no idea at this point in time which direction I will head in. That being said, there is a new generation of vapers out there to take over the watch. My participation on the forums will unfortunately be limited for the time being. Far too many things in my life have taken a back seat to vaping. Albeit I am retired, doesn't necessarily mean I have nothing better to do.

Time is an extremely valuable commodity and I intend to take full advantage of it - of immediate attention will be both my blogs, which have been neglected for far too long. Although I may be absent from the forum, my blogs will grow and folks can still seek valuable information. A new day... will be the main focus outside of manufacturing that will receive my attention in a serene environment, sharing with all pertinent info. What direction will this blog take in the future. Only God and the future knows for sure, but hey! stay tuned.


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