Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I feel I am in need of a break. I got caught up in the momentous of the vaping movement and I think it is time for reflection!

I am not here to save lives! Yet many think that is their duty - to save lives. I have altered quite a few smokers, but never at the cost of forcing my beliefs on them. When they were inquisitive I provided a solution , when they were doubtful I provided answers, but at the end of the day they were responsible adults quite capable of reaching an intelligent decision.

I found salvation in vaping but at the end of the day for me it was a method to rid myself of a 40 year + nicotine addiction, not an alternate lifestyle - I have succeeded .

I am smoke free but still under the clutches of nicotine. I went from 30mg down to 8mg. I am proud of my accomplishments and as well I should be. In retrospect my personal accomplishments have always left me flat. In the beginning as many I wanted to sound the proclamation, now I have reservations.

So I need time to reflect as a smoker and vaper <----- (that's right you will always be a smoker until you die) on what lies ahead.

It is quite simple - until I can formulate what my purpose is, I must recluse myself and reflect.


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