Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Happy eGo

The eGo is manufactured by JoyE (OEM) and distributed by vendors with their unique individual logos. Hence, why mine is the Happy eGo, but an/"the" eGo nonetheless. Janty is the developer, all eGos are created the same. So should some vendor say he has the "original eGo" that is purely a marketing strategy. Shop around for the best buy.

It came in the usual self-contained box. In which:

2 x eGo Batteries 3.7V (650 mAh)
1 x eGo 510 atomizer (JoyE)
1 x eGo Atomizer Cover
1 x Fast USB Wall Charger (420 mA)
1 x USB wall plug adapter *
5 x spare cartridges
1 x eGo Carrying Pouch
1 x eGo User Manual

First impressions
The eGo was ready to go straight out of the box. The atomizer is an original and not a clone. I filled up a cart with some 555 and dripped a few drops on the atty. Place the cart in the atty and screwed on the atomizer cover over the atty.

I took a nice slow hit, not too long, but long enough and I nearly gagged when I inhaled. Not because of the atty primer we sometimes hear about, but because of the amount of vapour it generated in just a few seconds. The throat hit is decent and vapour production great.

What is the purpose of the atomizer cone? Well it makes the unit look slick. But there is more to it than that. I helps maintain a insulated environment for the atomizer to operate. It also restricts the draw. The latter is not a fault but a benefit. There is no sucking sound when the unit is operated, unlike what we hear when using the standard 510. The draw is pleasant and similar to the Stick's draw with a stock 302. The difference, the atty performs like a 510, giving plenty of flavour, throat hit and vapour.

I recently reviewed the "Stick" in which I wasn't too fussy on the 302's performance, and couldn't wait to adapt a 510 in my stick. The draw on the stick is very similar to the eGO, and I believe that I will be pleased when I use my "stick" with a 510 atty.

I ordered my eGo in Stainless because of the clean look to it, and that because under review I gather that the paint chips on the coloured ones. Because of the classy lines of this unit, I wanted the class to last. This is the type of device that one vapes while wearing a suit.

I also like that the atomizer cover, covers the entire atty and extends 1mm pass the atomizer. What does this mean? Well I vape several flavours a day and have several atty/cart combos of varying colour. Because the atty is hidden, all one sees is a beautiful shiny unit with a tip.

* A point to note: The eGo comes complete with a wall adapter and specific USB charger capable of charging the 650 mAh batteries. IAW the user's manual, this charger combination cannot and should not be used to charge 510 batteries or destroy the batteries in the process.

I am not sure what would happen in reverse if one was to use the 510 charger to charge the eGo batts, it would probably take forever. As the kit comes with the necessary charging accouterments, one should use those that came with the kit. Since they look identical, I would label both the charger and USB cable, or paint eGo on them, and keep 'me as a unit separately.

Overall I am quite happy with this purchase and what I especially like about the unit - it stand

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