Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Janty Stick V2

After seeing this device reviewed by several people, I just knew I had to have one. The reasons are as follows:

Although it comes with a standard JoyE 302 atomiser (atty), it will accept the BE112 and 801 atomisers, as well as the 510 with an adapter. During the review the stock atty is apparently difficult to get properly seated. I did not find this to be the case on mine.

It comes with 320 mAh batteries, when compared with the 510s @ 180 mAh, that was a plus.

It is slightly bigger than a USB thumb-drive. It is nice and compact and the cartridge only produces from the box 1 inch. Overall dimensions are 3" L x 1" W x 11/16" thick for the unit and 4" L to the tip of the cart (with the 302 atty).

It looks slick and could be passed off as a "personal medical vaporizer" without any difficulty, while in public. Nobody (the average Joe) should ever mistake it for what it truly is. Stealth vaping should not present a problem.

The review
As usual it came in a nice box (recyclable for future use for our do-dads. The box contained:

The unit
2 10440 protected batteries rated at 320 mAh
1 JoyE 302 atomizer and tip
5 spare carts (Marlboro)
1 USB cable to charge the batteries
1 user manual
1 Belt clip case, that accepts not only the unit but the atty.

The unit comes ready to go. Since there was no special instructions with regards to the batteries, I slid one into the battery compartment. I inserted the atomizer without any difficulty and inserted a pre-filled cart after priming the atty with a couple of drops of PG.

There was no foul taste as some have experienced with new attys. The Marlboro cart was relatively good, all things considered, since I am not a fan of Marlboro e-juice.

The unit is well built and the button only a slight protrusion and has enough stiffness that it should not accidentally go off in your pocket. The button can de depressed from either the top with your index finger or the bottom with your thumb. The latter is the proper way to activate the unit and the units compactness permits stealth vaping in this fashion. I do not have big hands and I have no problem concealing the unit while vaping. Concealing the unit does not add any discomfort what so ever.

Although the unit performed well with the pre-filled carts, decent TH and vapour, it lacked when I vaped my own juices. I decided to measure the resistance across the atty and found it to be 3.7 Ohms, not surprising.

When compared to the 510, the stock atty and unit do not become hot, even with chain vaping. This was a known fact at the time of purchase and hence why I ordered some 801s and BE112s which have a proven track record. The vapour is also relatively cool when compared against a 510.

The draw on the unit was nice and easy, a little too easy for my liking, but it might be something I get use to. I can't wait to try it with different atty combination and especially a low resistance 510.

A nice feature with regards to charging the unit, the battery can remain in the unit when charging through the USB port on any PC. This unit can also be recharge from any suitable USB charger. Because the battery remains encapsulated, the unit can be used as a pass-thru while charging @ 3.7V, something I did not know at the time of purchase but was contained in the user's manual. The unit vapes well while plugged into a USB wall adapter. That being the case, it should also perform well while travelling in a vehicle.

The cartridge size like any pen style carts can hold allot of liquid. The carts performed well with the stock batting and to date I have seen no reason to modify the filler.

Dripping on this unit with the stock atty is OK, but not anything to write home about. This was also mentioned in the review I had seen. The down side to dripping with this unit, you have to drip either using the tip that comes with the atty or a T tip. The 302 atty only protrudes 3/16" pass the body of the unit.

First Impressions

The unit is slick and priced right, $71 USD shipped to Canada. It performs as expected. The atomiser is becoming seasoned and improving with age. I still do not like this atomiser and once I receive my remaining hardware will retire this one as a spare. This was a known fact prior to purchase.

Some dis-advantages besides the atomiser, it should have come with a spare atomizer. Care must be taken when replacing the battery not to loose the battery cover. The plus side - these covers are available as spare parts. The battery is relatively simple to replace, once the atty has been removed from the unit. The latter is an inconvenience rather than a negative.

I will follow up with a complete review in a couple of weeks. My first impressions are that this is a well built and decently priced unit. Once the proper atty combination is found, I have no doubt this unit will be a good performer.

The other reason I purchased the unit (besides keeping all my parts interchangeable) is once the availability of low resistance attys (1.2 -1.5 Ohms) becomes wide spread - this unit with low R attys performs like a 5V. Although my ratings are low at this point, I am confident they will increase by the time I am ready for my final review. A good investment thus far.

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