Thursday, December 20, 2012

The EU's 4mg proposition

In case folks are still wondering what is happening or better yet what has been going on. This sums it up rather well. In 2010 we said follow the money... if anyone thinks the WHO stands for the World Health Organization, you may very well want to review your position on that matter.

So what does the EU have to do with me you might ask? Well short strokes, the European Union governs all of Europe, it's members not dissimilar to Canadian provinces or US states in the US who take their directives from Ottawa or Washington respectively. In the case of Europe they take their directives from Brussels.

This past Monday (17th Dec) the FDA held their hearing on the future of nicotine and tobacco, albeit our side made some serious headway it was evidently clear that the deck was stacked against us. Although many think we merely take our directives from the FDA, MHRA or HC, in actual fact following the C of C (chain of command) these entities receive their direction from the WHO, which in turn (although in place prior to the EU) is governed by the EU. Now are you starting to see the pony, when we join the dots?

In case folks are still wondering where we are finally headed, you might find interest in this book...

The Grand Chessboard was written by Zbigniew Brzezinski in 1997. What is fascinating about this book was the present world climate was predicted and written back in 1997. Who was Zbigniew you might ask? He was Jimmy Carter's National Security Adviser from 1977-1981. The events that have unfolded in the past 2 decades are clearly depicted in this writing. The fascinating aspects depicted here also shows the map of where the world as a whole is headed.

So as it can be seen although we may view world events as isolated cases e.g the EUs press release and the FDA hearings, to include but not limited to this Monday's hearings, but Judge Leon's ruling of 2011 as well, are nothing more than a few chess moves in a bigger game.

In closing Dave's puts on a great newscast and has sound recommendations. OTOH I must reluctantly fall back on previous statements. If our governments want us to vape, we will be allowed to vape. If it doesn't fit the profile or direction the WHO has planned, we won't.

It can be argued that a black/grey market will ensue from all this, this is a given not dissimilar to prohibition. I guess the turning point will be to see if they criminalize the activity or vaping as a whole.

The fact that BT has jumped on our bandwagon is a sign of relief, perhaps some good can come out of this. I am not holding my breath as I have serious reservations allowing that fox in the chicken coop, being they are the ones that got us addicted in the first place.

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