Friday, December 09, 2011

The real costs of bailout money

Greece will ban the selling of “electronic cigarettes” as the National Organication for Medicines  (EOF) came to the conclusion that the E-cigarette is harmful to the human body due to substances like drops of nicotine, lugid ingredients and essential oils.  The EOF proposed the prohibition of both the sale and the use of e-cigarettes in Greece and the Health Ministry announced that strict controls will start next week. And...

At the same time, the General Secretary for Public Health, Antonis Dimopoulos, said that the government is seriously considering to increase the prices of cigerettes at 20% in order to decrease the number of smokers in the country. “For health reasons” you would think! I dare doubting it. The measure is purely tax-collection oriented, I suspect. Papangiotis Behrakis, President of the National Committee for the Smoking Control, has already calculated the benefits for the state from the increased prices: 400 million euro. Read more

Another take on it. 

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