Saturday, March 26, 2011

The diary of a 308

The 308 calibre in all its glory.

Why this particular design? Well there are many tube mods out there and how does one market a mod with a promise of a different delivery? I believe the combination of positives from various commercial devices already on the market combined with a pleasing enclosure, was a step in the right direction.

At the time of conceptualization, no other mod provided the vaping characteristics of the eGo whilst providing the user with the option to change out the battery. In doing so, the device needed to be unique, not only in looks but performance. I believe that the Calibre Series will deliver.

How does one go about providing a solid performance out of a simple battery tube to unprecedented parallels? Well I believe the combination of a proper performing battery and atomizer to be key in the entire concept.

The Calibre Series is/will be designed around the AW cell. The AW cell was chosen for both its performance and consistency when compared to other cells. In order to build an all mechanical mod, the consistency of the utilized cell is of paramount importance. IMO, no other cell on the market has such adherence to tolerances provided by the QA/QC AW utilizes.

Everything starts out with a plan. Probably the hardest part of the entire process towards the first prototype - figuring out the build and dimensions from an idea.

The process...

Setting up a piece of stock...

Dialing in the requires settings...

Relaxing and taking a toot while the lathe does its job...

Another body complete...

All bodies completed.

Cones completed

Bodies and cones awaiting internal threading

Manufacturing the bottom connector.

Facing of the button

Threading for the primer (negative post)

Fitting and assembly of the bottom components.
This is where individual components form the
integral part of the unit until the end.

Manufacturing the top connector

Top connector fitted to its body.

Atomizer connectors.

Awaiting polishing final QA and testing.

This type of process is known as a production run - where all components are machined, then the components are assembled for the best possible fit. Once this is achieved, the components remain attached or stored as a unit until individual final machining - each unit is therefore unique.

On completion of final machining the units are polished and tested. They are thoroughly cleaned from any machining process or machining fluids in a biodegradable solution. The units proceed from the machine shop to the packing and inspection area. All units are tested and inspected one more time before packing, certificates are signed and shipped with each individual unit. Once packed units are shipped to the vendor(s).

Addendum: The sole purpose and business plan behind JR Custom Turnings was to offer a quality PV, different from others, but most important at an affordable price to the consumer. It is merely an extension of my skills during retirement. As the community assisted me in achieving "smoke free" status, these offerings are a token of my appreciation and the knowledge I gained since becoming a vaper. The entire series could have been farmed out to a CNC machine shop, doing so would:
  • defeat the purpose of going into production (occupying my time more constructively during retirement); and
  • increase the cost of each unit.
When purchasing a Switcher original you are merely helping a Vet enjoy his retirement after serving his country for 32 1/2 years. If it was about money, I would be doing something else.


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