Monday, October 11, 2010

A 510 that is truly on steroids

Those who like their eGos like them allot, especially when fitted with the cone. The eGo hit the market with such force that it caused many in the industry to clone them. However, in doing so the quality of some of these clones left a lot to be desired.

I was fortunate enough to acquire my eGo when they first hit the scene and in doing so, acquired a true JoyE product and I couldn't be more pleased with its durability and performance. The downside for some is that all JoyE products only output 3.2 volts. Battery Voltages - Surprise That being said, many of the clones are not fitted with the JoyE PCB (printed circuit board) and do indeed output 3.7 volts. This was unknown at the time the original thread was posted, as the clones had not surfaced yet. Nonetheless, the modulated pulsed voltage of the eGo was a performer. Many folks get too hung up on the actual voltage instead of the vape quality in my opinion. It is unfortunate because they are missing some good vapes.

I always wondered how an eGo at 3.7 volts would vape like? Having read many threads on the forums with problems that plagued some of these clones, I decided that the added voltage may not outweigh reported problems and decided against finding out, but I remained curious until...

An ECF member posted this thread in the "Battery Mod" sub-forum. In all honesty prior to this particular thread, I had given variable voltage PVs but a passing interest. Many devices were reported as problematic and were in my humble opinion not worth the investment. The aesthetics of some of these devices paled in comparison with the high costs associated with them. Regardless of the reasons, they failed to sustain any long term interest. Until Mamu posted her find.

In the past I have made my own devices with great success. They are for personal use, but I will openly admit that although my soldering skills are improving, leave allot to be desired. Therefore, my failing eyesight and soldering skills precluded performing such tasks in a confined area. This PCB with switching regulator was a solution to my handicaps, not to mention the low cost. The components alone exceeds the cost of the pre-made regulator. However, the size of this particular PCB is overwhelming, 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.5 inches. Finding a case for this monster wasn't easy. Although Mamu linked us to all the components for this mod, shipping costs to Canada where simply out to lunch. I did manage to acquire cases from Canada and proceeded to manufacture a variable voltage eGo.

My original intent was to build a 2 x 18650 device using this case.

The dimensions seemed adequate as listed on the site, in real life, this case was simply not suitable as it was too big. It did not fit comfortably in the hand and I dismissed the idea. Having acquired a case similar to the OP's case at the same time, I simply duplicated Mamu's mod, but fitted an native eGo connection so I could vape with a cone.

Having all the parts necessary I then went on the quest to find some eGo connectors. One of my original eGo batteries failed in August. not thinking at the time, I simply tossed it, or I could of had a connector for my project. Nonetheless, I posted my request for dead batteries in the canadian Classifieds and got a reply the following day. As an added bonus, the member only lived a hop skip and a jump away from me. They had 2 dead batteries and I traded some liquid as compensation.

Here are the results

As can be seen the space to work with is tight. I separated the battery compartment from the regulator. This permitted the use of 2 x AW RCR123As at 750mAh. I plan to use IMRs in the future.

For comparative purpose a triple AA box mod pictured here. The limiting factors with some of these mods is: although we like to keep them as compact as we can, the use of the proper amperage (3A) switch, not to mention battery size, pretty much dictate the finished product. I have seen far too many devices being manufactured by unscroupulous vendors using inadequate switches that fail within months, sometimes even weeks after purchase. Tactile switches can be used as a gate in "control circuits" but should never be subject to the full 2+ amperage the average device demands for vaping.

... and a comparison with a 30ml bottle of e-liquid.

What can be said, it is absolutely fantastic. The regulator has a range of 1.2 - 7.9 volts on a fresh set of batteries and sees me through most of the day.

It delivers just like an eGo with an added bonus that I not only have an HV device, but a variable voltage eGo. Now that is sweet and I am glad I made this device. The overall dimensions are 4 x 2 x1 inch, a little longer than a "Journeyman" but quite comfortable to vape, especially with the switch position.

Many know that I am into the technical aspects of vaping. In other words, I like to know what is happening under the hood. This in my humble opinion removes allot of subjectivity to our experiences and replaces said subjectivity with supporting data, that may be duplicated at some point in the future.

Isaac at IkenVape has developed through his contacts an interesting line of atomisers, that have met my vaping needs to the fullest, when coupled with my various devices etc... Recently I and others have been heavily involved "beta testing" for some of Isaac's new developments. This allows Isaac an unbiased "real world" opinion with regards product performance and provides him with the necessary feedback for improvement, should the product require improvement.

Of late, we have been testing a particular cartomiser that was specifically designed to be vaped at 5-6 volts. What we have discovered is that although these cartos have an unprecedented performance at lower voltages, they have failed at voltages higher than 4.2 with certain liquids.

Not having a variable voltage device would not permit finding the turning point from satisfaction to tasting burnt. The variance between 3.7 and 5 volts is just too large to pinpoint.

Notwithstanding "beta testing" variable voltage devices does indeed provide the user to fine tune his device to the particular liquid used at the time. Where in the past I either lowered my voltage or simply used a higher resistance atomiser to achive the goal. Now I can simply dial in to 0.1 volts lower than the turning point and experience HV unlike nothing before.

Although I consider myself a heavy vaper, I am a mild vaper adn don't necessarily go for "reckless" but enjoy a much smoother relaxing vape. This was achieved with the eGo for me. A device that is my go to on a daily basis. This mod has added a greater dimension to the eGo experience, one that I am quite please with. A 510 that is truly on steroids.

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