Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Stick - follow up

It's been a month since my I offered my first impression and today is time for a follow up. I purchased the unit for the following reasons:
  • Although it comes with a standard JoyE 302 atomizer, it will accept the BE112 and 801 atomizers;
  • As well the 510 can be used with an adapter;
  • It comes with 320 mAh batteries, when compared with the 510s @ 180 mAh;
  • It is only slightly bigger than a USB thumb-drive. It is nice and compact and the cartridge only produces from the box 1 inch. Overall dimensions are 3" L x 1" W x 11/16" thick for the unit and 4" L to the tip of the cart (with the 302 atty); and
  • It looks slick and could be passed off as a "personal medical vaporizer" without any difficulty, while in public. Nobody (the average Joe) should ever mistake it for what it truly is. Stealth vaping should not present a problem.
During the review the stock atty is apparently difficult to get properly seated. I did not find this to be the case on mine. Having received my hardware shipment, I have yet to find an atty that was difficult to screw in secure.

The unit is well built and the button only a slight protrusion and has enough stiffness that it should not accidentally go off in your pocket. This unit goes everywhere I go and I have not had one fire in my pocket.The button can be pressed from either the top with your index finger or the bottom with your thumb. The latter is the proper way to activate the unit and the units compactness permits stealth vaping in this fashion. I do not have big hands and I have no problem concealing the unit while vaping. Concealing the unit does not add any discomfort what so ever. I have used it extensively in stealth situations without any problem

Although the unit performed well with the pre-filled carts, decent TH and vapour, it lacked when I vaped my own liquids. I decided to measure the resistance across the atty and found it to be 3.7 Ohms, not surprising. This is no longer an issue. The proper batting in the cart provides a cooler pleasurable vape. This device is used for my quiet evening vapes. I enjoy it so much, that I recently acquired a second one in a "Pay it forward transaction".

The draw on the unit was nice and easy, a little too easy for my liking, but it might be something I get use to. I can't wait to try it with different atty combination and especially a low resistance 510. This statement was made unknowingly. The low resistance (LR) atomizer draws too much current for the battery. A minimum of 440 mAh is recommended to fire a LR atty.

The cartridge size like any pen style carts can hold allot of liquid. The carts performed well with the stock batting and to date I have seen no reason to modify the filler. This was not the case and I have since modified the filling to regular poly-fill batting with success. The proper amount ensures adequate wicking to the atomizer without creating a flooded condition.

Dripping on this unit with the stock atty is OK, but not anything to write home about. This was also mentioned in the review I had seen. The down side to dripping with this unit, you have to drip either using the tip that comes with the atty or a T tip. The 302 atty only protrudes 3/16" pass the body of the unit. Dripping with this unit is pointless in my opinion, and I have since ceased that practice. It's principal purpose in my arsenal is for stealth applications.

First Impressions

The unit is slick and priced right, $71 USD shipped to Canada. It performs as expected. The atomizer is becoming seasoned and improving with age. I still do not like this atomizer and once I receive my remaining hardware will retire this one as a spare. This was a known fact prior to purchase. I have used it both with a 510 and an 801, each have their individual applications where they can be enjoyed in the proper setting, and mood.

I will follow up with a complete review in a couple of weeks. My first impressions are that this is a well built and decently priced unit. Once the proper atty combination is found, I have no doubt this unit will be a good performer. This unit performs as expected with the exception of battery life, which in all honesty is commensurate with a AAA battery. However, decent battery life can be expected out of this unit 2.5-3hrs.

This was an excellent purchase. I chose the V2 over the V3 because it is my experience that rubberised coatings wear off after a period. It was also said that the switch might have been modified etc... I don't know.

This unit performed so well that when the opportunity arose in acquiring a second unit, I didn't hesitate. Would I spend another $70 to acquire one? In all honesty no. Am I pleased with my purchase? An emphatic yes! The clip-on belt case is a nice feature for summer excursions.

If there is to be a downside to the stick, like many devices it would be the battery. Battery life is better than a stock 510 battery, but at the end of the day performs like a AAA. In this instance, size does matter.

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